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In 1977 Los Angeles Area Dance Alliance (LAADA) a nonprofit service organization presented a fundraiser showcase at Ambassador Auditorium.  Some of the participants were the Lewitzky Co. (Bella was the honored guest), Los Angeles Ballet, Aman Folk Ensemble, Rudy Perez and Margalit. After this program, Betty Empey, LAADA Executive Director, met with J. Foster of the L.A. County Music and Performing Arts Commission and Dance Kaleidoscope was born. LAADA was the first organization to regularly sponsor dance at the Los Angeles County John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, the birthplace of Dance Kaleidoscope.

Auditions were held annually and participants were asked to submit videos and other materials for a pre selection process. This was followed by a live audition before a selection panel of dance experts. Successful candidates were then programmed by the committee. The festival was widely attended and emulated in other cities. Betty Empey retired in 1984 and the festival was temporarily discontinued. In 1985 LAADA sponsored an ambitious program called Dance Park. The best of local and international artists performed in this one time event which was presented at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre June 21-July 30.

In 1988, Don Hewitt revived and expanded Los Angeles Dance Kaleidoscope with the Dance Kaleidoscope Foundation in partnership with Cal State LA. The festival ran for 13 years through 2001.

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