The DHP Image Gallery

The following photos highlight the various genres and periods of dance in Southern California.

Ramya Nectar1 300x300

Ramya Harishankar. Photograph by K.V. Rajamani.


LA Stories (1974), choreography by Fred Strickler, text by Patrick Scott, Eyes Wide Open Dance Theatre, photo by William Purcell, Strickler archive.


Richard Oliver and Don Bondi in Sachiye Nakano's KInetic Tracery, Choreographers Dance Co., unknown photographer, Don Bondi collection.


Joey Harris and Lois Ellyn in the Black Swan pas de deux. Photo by Constantine, from the Don Hewitt archive.


Stella Matsuda and Don Bondi, Moorpark College, 1997. Unknown photographer. Don Bondi archive.

1 eternalencounter2

ETERNAL ENCOUNTER, choreography by Benita Bike, Benita Bike's DanceArt, photo by Elazar Harel, dancers (l to r) Teya Wolvington, Tiffany Jones. Benita Bike collection.

2 umbrellas

UMBRELLAS, choreography by Benita Bike, Benita Bike's DanceArt, photo by Dean Wallraff, dancers (l to r) Carmel Cheney, Kerri Underwood, Tracey White, Robin Kish. Benita Bike collection.

3 SouthernMemories

SOUTHERN MEMORIES, choreography by Benita Bike, Benita Bike's DanceArt, photo by Dean Wallraff, dancer Denai Lovrien. Benita Bike collection.

4 bloomers

BLOOMERS, choreography by Benita Bike, Benita Bike's DanceArt, photo by Dean Wallraff, dancers (l to r) Carmel Cheney, Tara Mosier, Hilary Thomas, Carlene Lai, Elizabeth Oppermann. Benita Bike collection.


Lois Ellyn chatting with Rozelle Frey during rehearsal. Photographer unknown, from the Don Hewitt archive.


Bella Lewitzky with Herman Boden in THE BELOVED, choreographed by Lester Horton. Unknown photographer. Don Hewitt archive.


Jeff Friedman in GYRE. Photo by Topophilia Productions.


Margalit Oved, undated. Photographer unknown. Karen Goodman Archive.


Floricanto: Colima. Photographer unknown.

learningtowalk copy

LEARNING TO WALK LIKE RADHA, photography by Michael Burr.


Fred Strickler. Photo by Lois Greenfield.


American Modern Dance pioneer Ruth St. Denis, photographed by Arnold Genthe, published in The Book of The Dance, 1916.


4 DUETS AND 2 SOLOS FOR BETTY BOOP AND OLIVE OYL, choreographed and performed by Melanie Snyder Richards (Betty Boop) and Karen Goodman (Olive Oyl) for the jazz dance revue, Hollywood Dancin', May 19, 1979, Wilshire Ebell Theater, L.A. This followed the performance of two dances for Hollywood Dancin', 1978 - A Tap Lesson with Betty and Olive and Melanie's solo, Betty in Hollywood (vintage recording from a Betty Boop cartoon sound track) choreographed and performed by M.S.R. In 1979, 3 more duets and a solo, Carmen Oyl (Bizet) choreographed and performed by K.G. and were threaded through the evening of works by many of some of the era's foremost choreographers working in televsion, film and stage. All 6 dances had a brief run as part of a revue, Bad Girls, at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas,1980. Studio photo by Kenneth Johansson, 1979.


L to R: Bob Scheerer, Cliff Ferre, Bob Fosse in the Broadway show, DANCE ME A SONG, 1950. Unknown photographer. Bob Scheerer archive.


Linda Lack. Photographer unknown.


Rudy Perez dancers (L to R) Cricket Ahrens, Ian Cosineau, Karen Goodman, Don Graham. Dancer's Studio, late 1980. Photographer unknown. Source: K. Goodman Archive.


Don Hewitt, photo by Limute Druskis


Modern dance pioneer, Ruth St. Denis in India, early 20th Century. Hand-colored, photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.


Ted Shawn. Photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.


Fred Strickler as Don Q, choreography by Gary Bates, 1976. Costume by Patrick Marca Registrada. Eyes Wide Open Dance Theatre. Photographer unknown. Fred Strickler Archive.


Bob Scheerer, Tap Dancer, 1940s. Photographer unknown.


Rudy Perez and dancers (L to R) Cricket Ahrens, Karen Goodman, Ian Cosineau, Don Graham, Rudy Perez. Studio photo, late 1980. Source: K.Goodman Archive.


Don Q, choreography by Gary Bates (1976), EYES WIDE OPEN DANCE THEATRE. Fred Strickler (Don Q), Gary Bates (Sancho Panza). Photographer unknown. Fred Strickler archive.


Dance/LA. Madeleine Scott (L) with unknown dancer (R). Mid-'70s. Photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.


L. Martina Young, Artist's Rendering


Karen Goodman, photographer unknown


Ann Wakefield and Bob Scheerer, THE BOYFRIEND, on Broadway, 1954. Publicity photo, photographer unknown.


Floricanto: Guerrero. Photographer unknown.


Gary Bates in his solo, Indio (1976), Eyes Wide Open Dance Theatre. Photographer unknown. Fred Strickler archive.


Ruth St. Denis, early 20th Century. Photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.

Sharon Took-Zozaya

Sharon Took-Zozaya, photograph by Steve Di Bartolomeo.


EYES WIDE OPEN DANCE THEATRE poster 1978. Six Faces of a Fool, choreograhy by Melanie Snyder. Costumes by Patrick Marca Registrada. photo: Michael Hyatt. L to R: Fred Strickler, Mary Daval, Mary Ann Kellogg, Gary Bates, Melanie Snyder, Kathe Copperman.


Rudy Perez, undated studio shot, by Nixon Borah. From the Rudy Perez Collection.

L.MartinaYoung Portfolio325w

L. Martina Young, photographer unknown


Bob Scheerer, Tap Dancer, with Buddy Rich, drummer, during filming of HOW'S ABOUT IT? (1943), photographer unknown. Bob Scheerer archive.

Isadora-Duncan Portfolio565w

Isadora Duncan. Photographed by Arnold Genthe. Don Hewitt Collection.


1990, Studio shot from the 60 minute work, FORCE OF GRAVITY (1987), music by Steve Moshier, costume by Roslyn Moore and Karen Goodman. Photo by Judy Francesconi.


The Denishawn Company, 1924-25, with composer Louis Horst (top center) who collaborated for many years with Martha Graham. Doris Humphrey (center), and Charles Weidman (2nd row, left) formed their own dance company and created the Humphrey-Weidman technique. Don Hewitt Collection


Floricanto: Pluma from Oaxaca. Photographer unknown.


Ruth St. Denis, early color photography by Arnold Genthe, published in The Book of the Dance, 1916.


BILLY THE KID, original cast, Eugene Loring, choreographer, center. Photographer unknown.


Ted Shawn. Photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.

Dance-PhotoMartina Portfolio235w

L. Martina Young, photographer unknown

D-Hewitt-Photo-2-rotated Portfolio1200w

Don Hewitt and student Jolianne Baum, Photo by Steve Mason


Floricanto: Jalisco. Photographer unknown.


Modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn, c. 1930. Photographer unknown. Don Hewitt Collection.


Floricanto: Chiapas. Photographer unknown.


Mysterium (1976), choreography by Marion Scott. Kathe Copperman and Gary Bates. Unknown photographer. Strickler collection.

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