All images © Jan Deen, photographer.

Photo Gallery: Jan Deen Phototheatre

A collection of dance images of various genres through the decades, courtesy of photographer Jan Deen. Click on a thumbnail to jump to that photo. Click on the currently displayed photo to view its full-sized version.

Photo Gallery: Gloria Newman Dance Theater

A collection of 94 photos highlighting the Gloria Newman Dance Theater. All images courtesy of the Jeff Schoenberg Archive.

Love At My First Plié

In this article, Jeff Slayton writes of his life in dance. The article covers his time with the Merce Cunningham and the Viola Farber dance companies and his career in Los Angeles and Long Beach since 1978. Included is his…

Reflections on Gloria Newman (From Former Dance Company Members)

The following are recollections by various former Gloria Newman Dance Theater members. ALVIN MAYES I would hear “catch,” and turn around to see a big blonde woman flying through the air into my arms. Of course that was Joella.  She…

Agnes De Mille Said: “You Won’t Catch Me Doing That!”

Dancer Iris Pell writes of her experience performing “Lewitzky Floor Exercises” in “Conversations About the Dance”, a lecture demonstration that was created by Agnes DeMille in 1980 and was videotaped at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the PBS…

Dancers For Life 1991-2009

Jo Dierdorff, Professor of Dance at Riverside Community College produced a series of fifteen concerts to benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS.  In response to this pandemic, more than 150 dancers, choreographers, musicians, and designers from Southern California and other regions…

Video: Iris Pell Floor Exercises

The following video clip is an excerpt from the PBS presentation, “Conversations About the Dance”, hosted by Agnes de Mille. The clip is a demonstration of Bella Lewitzky’s technique, with Iris Pell performing solo floor exercises. This was first performed…

The DHP Image Gallery

The following photos highlight the various genres and periods of dance in Southern California. Click an image for a full screen view.

Rudy Perez – I Could Have Gone Bowling

The following is based on an interview with Fred Strickler I videotaped, April 22, 2012, during Rudy’s class and rehearsal. For two hours he effortlessly shifted from memory to teaching to creativity, talking about his life and work while giving…

A Chronology of Dance Kaleidoscope

A Chronology of Dance Kaleidoscope