All images © Jan Deen, photographer.

Photo Gallery: Jan Deen Phototheatre

A collection of dance images of various genres through the decades, courtesy of photographer Jan Deen. Click on a thumbnail to jump to that photo. Click on the currently displayed photo to view its full-sized version.

The DHP Image Gallery

The following photos highlight the various genres and periods of dance in Southern California. Click an image for a full screen view.

Notes on The Tap Renaissance

In January, 1979, the Jazz Tap Ensemble was created by three dancers and three musicians:  Lynn Dally, Camden Richman and Fred Strickler; Paul Arlanian, pianist, Tom Dannenberg, guitarist, and Keith Terry, percussionist.  They made their debut at Pacific Motion Dance…

A Chronology of Dance Kaleidoscope

A Chronology of Dance Kaleidoscope


Dance Kaleidoscope: A Personal History

It was an article in the LA Times about the state of dance in1988 and a comment from post modern choreographer Rudy Perez that first made me focus on the importance of the then defunct Dance Kaleidoscope Festival. Mr. Perez…