Westside Ballet

Wendy Rodgers/Choreographics

Viver Brasil performing at the Ford Amphitheater. Photo by Paul Antico

Viver Brasil Dance Company

Viver Brasil, founded in 1997 by Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró, is deeply rooted in the African heritage of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and embodies the beautiful and mythic stories of Afro-Brazilian culture. A full music ensemble and vivid costuming highlight…

Victoria Marks

Valentina Oumansky Dramatic Dance Fdn.

UCLA Dance Company

Two Snake Dance and Design

Trip Dance Theater

Tina Gerstler/Short Works

The Rangoli Dance Company

Inspired by the heritage and the cultural myths and legends of India, we create and craft dances that explore both modern and traditional elements, including rhythm and expression, the simple and profound. We take a particular interest in working with…