Nebula Dance Lab

Nebula Dance Lab dancer Genevieve in “Floodlit & Fallen”. Photo Credit: Kathee Miller.

Nebula Dance Lab, founded and under the Artistic Direction of Devyn Duex, provides an incubator for creative art in motion that allows the professional company of artists in modern and contemporary dance the opportunity to experiment, push boundaries, and create new language in dance through physical exploration.

Nebula has shared their vibrant work at venues around California such as the NECTAR artist forum, SB-ADaPT Fest, MixMatch (LA), IGNITE (San Diego), Kinesis (SB), fundraisers/workshops with non-profit organizations, in addition to their self-produced events. In addition they have been invited to perform in Santiago/Valparaiso Chile, WI, MN, ND, and NYC. Currently the company repertory consists of five original works ‘Take the Bull by the Horns’ [Emily Tatomer, 2011/12],’The Singing Bones’ [Erin Martinez, 2011/12], ‘Snapshots’ [Emily Tatomer, 2012], ‘Sand Into Glass’ [Devyn Duex, 2012/13], ‘Floodlit & Fallen’ [Brooklyn Hughes, 2013]. In addition to their professional company work, Nebula offers an outreach/education program providing free workshops, classes, and performance opportunities to the community.

Nebula Dance Lab performing “Sand Into Glass”. Photo by Daniel J Wade Photography


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Artistic Director: Devyn Duex
Location: Santa Barbara


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