Agnes de Mille

Agnes de Mille, September 18, 1905 – October 7, 1993, was an innovative choreographer and dancer. The daughter of William deMille and niece of Cecil B. DeMille, both Hollywood directors, Agnes de Mille’s early aspiration was to be an actress….

Page Leong

Alonzo King

Nancy Bertossa

June Watanabe

JUNE (TSUKIDA) WATANABE b.1939 in Los Angeles, began studying dance at age 9, after leaving Heart Mt. internment camp. She enrolled in dance classes at the West Coast School of Music and Dance with Elizabeth Gilman in 1948. After a…

Liz Greenhut

See Elizabeth Ince.

Ramya Harishankar

Ramya Harishankar

BHARATA NATYAM, the classical Indian dance form is a combination of the arts of the stage, music, poetry, color and rhythm. Such a rich cultural tradition requires years of discipline both mental and physical, hard work and dedication. RAMYA HARISHANKAR…

Adriana Astorga-Gainey

Adriana Astorga was born in Northern California. She began her dance training at age 7 during annual summer vacations to Mexico City studying at the Escuela del Ballet Floklorico ( Amelia Hernadez, director). She also trained with Rafael Zamarripa Castaneda…

Adrian Ravarour

Adrian Ravarour

Adrian Ravarour began music lessons at three; later, preferring dance in his teens, he entered dance training at the San Francisco Ballet School and became Harold Christensen’s class demonstrator. Promised two Ford Foundation scholarships, he was ignorant that he needed…

Jan Zeitlin

Jan Zeitlin had been a student of dance ethnology at UCLA, then in England then classical dance forms of including Kathakali Dance Drama in Kerala, India. Since 1998 she performs traditional flamenco with FlamencoArts Co, 2337 4th Street, Santa Rosa…