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Test example of an organization, in this case, UCR. Want to associate Fred Stricker (artist) with this entry but there is a catch. One or the other will be the first one created, at which time the other is not yet created. This would mean that if the artist is created first, its page cannot be associated with the school since no school exists. When the school gets created, it can then be associated with one or more artists. This won’t, however, automatically connect the artist with the school and the user would have to go to the artist and link it. This would be sort of a pain, depending on which data is entered first.

Can this be resolved if I were to use a custom taxonomy instead????? Or would the lack of a link still exist?

The other option is to create a Custom Post Type called Organization, which when created would allow one or more artists to be attached to it (the Artist Taxonomy). The bad part is that it’s not too easy to create a good Artist Page with many details (it might be though, if I create a Page and then assign the Artist Taxonomy to it?)

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