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Soul Lab Dance Project is an all female dance collective founded in 2010 by graduates of the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance. Soul Lab was founded on the belief that our members’ diversity- of opinions, backgrounds, and dance practices- is our strongest asset in creating unique and exciting work. For us, being an all female dance collective does not mean focusing on women, but rather that we are women focusing, acting as agents of provocation through our dance-making. Whether onstage, in the classroom, or at a poolside backyard, to experience Soul Lab Dance Project is to be challenged, affirmed, and moved.

Mission: We bring together people, traditions and ideas that would not otherwise intersect, to generate uniquely fresh and exciting art. Our performances and participatory events are experimental, healing, and challenge people to rethink what they know about themselves, their communities, and the world.

Chrysalis (2013)

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Founded: 2010
Collective Members: Marina Magalhaes, Allison Gray, Sophia Stoller, Lauren Gould, Kristin Killacky
Location: Los Angeles

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