Pony Box Dance Theatre

Pony Box Dance Theatre. Dancers: Ashley Hoffman, Ray Ejiofor, Allen Joseph Abrams, Isaac Heurta, Zsolt Banki and Evan Swenson. Location: Disney Concert Hall. Photo by Tracy Kumono.

Created in 2011, Pony Box Dance Theatre brings the joy, vitality and power of dance to all people everywhere.  We are an all male contemporary ballet company, based in Long Beach, California, known for our integration of all art forms into dance.  We also run a school for underprivileged students, grades Kindergarten to 12th grade, providing free, professional instruction in all of the arts.

art + music + dance + theatre=pony box dance theatre

Pony Box Dance Theatre. Photo by Tracy Kumono.


Video: The Collective (A Work In Progress 2013)

Video: Barnacles (Excerpt from Edge)


Pony Box Dance Theatre. Photo by Tracy Kumono.



Company Website: www.ponyboxdance.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PonyBoxDanceTheatre

Founded: 2011
Artistic Director: Jamie Carbetta
Location: Long Beach

Information provided by: Pony Box Dance Theatre

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