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Naked With Shoes was originated by Anne Goodman and Jeffrey Grimaldo in 1993. For over twenty years they have been involved performing, touring and teaching with the Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble. Having worked with post-modernist master Rudy Perez, Anne and Jeffrey have developed a style that is both minimalist and theatrical. Using their varied talents, they enjoy drawing from art, theatre, film and music to create works of humor, intensity and excitement.

Anne and Jeffrey Grimaldo were married in 1997. They are well known for their tight synchronization of movement, as well as their wildly different statures. She is a 6’1” fair-skinned, sinewy redhead; he, a strong, dark, 5’6” Latino. Together they create illusions and visions that stretch the viewers’ mind of what’s expected.

Naked With Shoes creates abstract works stemming from movement experimentation paired with a post modern eye for time, space and energy, Along with their awareness of theatre and performance. The audience often pairs the experience with themes of relationship dynamics, humor, quirkiness, and bizarre intensity.

Anne and Jeff are particularly conscious of their choreographic craft and often accompany their work with interesting choices of sound. Sometimes live music collaborators will become part of the theatre, other times they’ll move with taped voice, spoken word, or even rhythmic beats from everyday objects. By choosing unlikely sounds, composers, or spoken word, their work becomes much more than dance, but theatre of the body and mind.



Founded: 1993
Artistic Directors: Anne and Jeff Grimaldo
Location: Los Angeles

Stool Dancing After All These Years:

Choreography by Anne and Jeff Grimaldo
Directed by Diana Hobstetter, Anne and Jeff Grimaldo
Filmed and edited by Diana Hobstetter


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