CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater. Dancer: Ashlee. Photo Credit: Tyrone Domingo

CONTRA-TIEMPO is a bold and multilingual Los Angeles based dance company, dedicated to transforming the world through dance. Founded and directed by Ana Maria Alvarez in 2005, our unique Urban Latin Dance Theater brings to life voices that are not traditionally heard on the concert stage,while building community, facilitating dialogue, and moving audiences to imagine what is possible.

Our work is rooted in Salsa and Afro-Cuban and draws from Hip-Hop, urban and contemporary dance-theater. We create an invigorating blend of physically intense and socially astute performance that pushes the boundaries of Latin dance as an expressive cultural and contemporary form. We are taking Salsa back to its roots a mode of expression for the struggles of the working class, and are therefore committed to making our high quality, professional performance work accessible for all, regardless of race or class. CONTRA-TIEMPO exists inside of and embodies the ‘in between’ space: leader/follower, immigrant/American, English/Spanish, performer/listener. We fully embrace that liminal experience as artists within communities, both on and off stage.

Company Website:

Founded: 2005
Artistic Director: Ana Maria Alvarez
Location: Los Angeles

Information provided by: CONTRA-TIEMPO

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