Contemporary Modern Dance Cooperative

The Contemporary Modern Dance Cooperative was founded in October of 2012 by a committee of six Chapman University Alumni. Chelsea Asman, Carole Biers, Genevieve Carson, Brittany Dugi-Turner, Anna Lamonica, and Samantha Marcella formed a committee when they found they shared a common dilemma. After consulting many friends and scouring the Internet, they found classes for contemporary modern dancers were few and high in cost. These six friends pooled together to create a class of their own that would benefit themselves as well as the entire dance community.

The first CMDC class was held on January 16th of 2013 at the Diavolo space. Since then, classes have continued running every Wednesday night from 8:30-10pm at the Brockus Project Studios at the rate of only five dollars per person. Each week a member of the dance community offers their time to teach class. Teachers have included members of the community such as; Roya Carreras, Jay Carlon, Genevieve Carson, Nikki Cox, Michael Crotty, Ken Datugan, Brynn Fehir, Jeremy Hahn, Nate Hodges, Kristen Holleyman, Laura Karlin, Jessica Kondrath, Becca Lemme, Liz Maxwell, Manuel Meza, Bradley Michaud, Nguyen Nguyen, Michael Nickerson-Rossi, Robyn O’Dell, Omar Olivas, Mariana Oliveira, Courtney Ozovek, Andrew Pearson, Sarri Sanchez, Joe Schenck, Zak Schlegel, Drea Sobke, Erik Speth, Angela Todaro, Tom Tsai, Taryn Wayne, Amanda White and Gracie Whyte, Alexandria Yalj, as well as committee members; Chelsea Asman, Brittany Dugi-Turner, Anna Lamonica, and Cody Wilbourn.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Contemporary Modern Dance Cooperative (CMDC) is to strengthen and enrich the social and cultural landscape of the greater Los Angeles dance community. The CMDC offers consistent, affordable technique and conditioning classes that will foster a mutually beneficial environment for the artistic growth of both student and teacher alike. By working together, we will create a self supported, thriving network of dance artists.

Founded: 2012
Locations: Los Angeles, Brockus Project Studios

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