Sarah Elgart

This biographical information was extracted from the June 8, 2013 L.A. Dance Summit Program presented at the JACCC and Japan American

Sarah Elgart has created award-winning work for dance, theater, film, circus, site-specific and alternative venues. Elgart has choreographed for iconic directors including Catherine Hardwicke, JJ Abrams, Fredrik Bond, Bob Giraldi, David Lynch, Curtis Hanson and others. From 1991-1994, Sarah served as Performance Producer and Segment Director for The Disney Channel’s MMC. She has also worked more than 20 years creating theater and film with communities including transitional homeless women, maximun-security women inmates, recovering substance-abusers, young people facing critical and terminal illness and more. Elgart received the Vanguard Award for Choreographic Innovation for “Marrying the Hangman”, a work created with seven maximum-security inmates at the California Institution for Women that was later featured in the Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival. She was Co-Founder of Make a Film Foundation from 2007-2009, and a spot she choreographed for director Frank Bond for the 2012 Super Bowl was just nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award. Sarah is a director member of the Directors Guild of America, an Alumna and Fellow of the American Film Institute, a founding member of Alliance of Women Directors, and currently serves as Director of Artistic Development for Dance Camera West.

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