Nina Kaufman

This biographical information was exerpted from the 2002 November/December issue of Dancezine, a publication of The Dance Resource Center of Greater Los Angeles.

Nina Kaufman is a choreographer, musician and visual artist who has been producing inter-disciplinary performance work in the Los Angeles area since 1993. Nina received her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees from UCLA. Prior to creating in a movement medium, Nina has had a successful career as a professional woodwind player and music teacher since 1990, specializing in music from the Eastern European region known as the Balkans. She has composed and played music for Trip Dance Theater, and continues to create musical collaborations for her own work. Nina also has created an extensive body of work in sculpture, ceramics, watercolor and charcoal, and often integrates this visual aspect into her performance pieces. In 1993, she co-founded the Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival, and has co-produced performances with Trip Dance Theater and other independent artists. Her work has been performed at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE),The Los Angeles Theater Center, the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, Electric Lodge, the Armand Hammer Museum and at the Wright Art Gallery. Nina has performed at numerous site-specific venues within Los Angeles, and has produced videos of her work adapted for the camera and the sites where the work was performed. She has taught dance and Yoga at Rio Honda College. Nina continues to serve the community as the Founder of ArtsAxis, a non-profit organization that provides movement/dance, visual arts, music and poetry workshops to care-giving professionals in the greater Los Angeles area. At the time of this writing Nina was also serving as a Board member on the Dance Resource Center.

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