Matt Rushing

by Don Bondi

MATT RUSHING began his dance training with Kashmir Blake in Inglewood Ca. He was accepted in the dance program as a 10th grader at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where he excelled in his ability and perseverance to achieve as the best dancer he could be. He even influenced 4 other male dancers and they became know by  faculty and students as “the ballet boys.” All encouraging each other to improve and achieve. Under the mentorship of Ka-Ron Brown (high school teacher) he did just that and won the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award, later to go on to win the Presidential Scholar in the Arts Award competing against students throughout the nation in Miami, Florida. At the end of his senior year he, along with Ka-Ron, journeyed to San Francisco to audition for the Alvin Alley School in New York.  Judith Jamison was so impressed she immediately offered him a scholarship and soon after, a position with Ailey II. Because he had to join the school immediately he was unable to attend his own graduation at LACHSA so he was allowed a special ceremony with friends, relatives, and teachers. He very soon became a member of the Alvin Ailey Company performing solo roles and being lauded by New York Times dance critic Elizabeth Zimmer as the best male dancer in New York.

He has performed as a guest artist internationally as well as here in the USA including galas for both Presidents Bush, and President Clinton, and President Obama. Also, he performed at the White House Gala honoring Judith Jamison and at a special gala in Los Angeles honoring Ka-on Brown-Lehman as teacher of the year. He has recently been named rehearsal director for the Alvin Ailey Company. He was the 2012 graduation speaker for the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where he spoke and danced his speech while also honoring his dance teachers Ka-Ron Brown-Lehman and Don Bondi.

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