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Fanchon Shur is a movement analyst and therapist, choreographer, poet, and energy healer. She is a certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, registered Movement Therapist and Educator (ISMETA), and a certified practitioner of Brennan Healing Science. Fanchon has founded and directed a number of organizations throughout her career including organizations in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Cincinnati.

During the 1950’s Anne Barlin directed and operated the Los Angeles Dance Center, which provided multicultural classes and events in a variety of dance styles. Fanchon taught at its eight locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area. An expert in dance in early education and creative movement, Barlin had a major influence on the development and career of Fanchon.

In the early 1960’s Fanchon formed a two person company Fanchon Bennett and Kate Hughes Dance Theater with Kate Rinzler. Some of their choreographic works included High Spring (1961) and Gesture of Deer (1963), which were performed in concerts at Los Angeles State College and Sacred Heart College.

In 1960 Kate and Fanchon co-founded New Dance Theater of Los Angeles, which took over the space of the Lester Horton Dance Studio. The School housed the Lewitzky Dance Company and its own resident company Directions in Dance. The latter performed works choreographed by Kate and Fanchon in several concerts.

In 1967 she created “Curriculum in Motion,” which placed her as a pioneer in the education of the whole child. Her program is centered around her choreography FLIGHT, FIGHT, FREEZE! Moving Toward Peace and explores the power of instinct.

In 1972 she co-founded Dance Theater Seattle, in 1974 she founded the Fanchon Shur Ceremonial Dance Theater, and in 1978 she founded Growth In Motion, Inc. in Ohio. Growth in Motion “strives to impart the skills needed to deepen understanding of the body – its ability to heal, and its power to build community and transform our experiences into a shared movement celebration…through performances, workshops, classes, and therapy”. Since 1983 she has been a private movement therapist.

In 1990 she was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame in Ohio for “ground-breaking” work in the Arts and Humanities. Currently her son is creating a film documentary about her life entitled “The Dancing One”. More Information>>


Fanchon Shur – 55 Years of Dance 

Lullaby (1961)


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