Anna Djanbazian

The Bio information below was taken from the 14th Annual Lester Horton Dance Awards Program – 2004

Anna Djanbazian is the Artistic Director, choreographer and teacher of Djanbanzian Dance Academy. She completed an MA in Choreography from UCLA and formed her own company in 1992. The Djanbazian Dance Company has performed over 80 original pieces and full length ballets to critical acclaim. Now the company under the auspices of the newly formed Djanbaziann’s choreography has been presented by:Gilmore International Festival, Amnesty International, UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, 2001 Institute for Educators at the Music Center, Long Beach CDEA Conference, Dance Kaleidoscope, participated in the International Children’s Festival in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, and Celebration of Dance at the Alex Theatre. Recently she premiered an evening length contemporary ballet based upon the ethereal life of the iconic Armenian musical figure Komitas (1869-1935) which was nominated for seven 2004 Lester Horton Dance Awards. She is deeply committed to the preservation of artistic heritage and cultural roots and she has served the greater dance community by participating on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Dance Resource Center for three years.

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